June 26, 2019  
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Questions We Often Hear

Generally, just about anyone in reasonable health and fitness can go rafting. The minimum age for a child with FLOW Adventures is 7 years old. There is no maximum age although anyone over 60 should be in good health and perhaps consult with your physician if you have any concerns. If you are pregnant, extremely overweight, or have back or heart problems, we suggest you consult your physician. Swimming skills are not a requirement since your safety jacket will keep you afloat but it is recommended that you not have a fear of the water.

What if I cannot swim?
Swimming is not a requirement to enjoy whitewater rafting; the biggest concern would be whether you are comfortable in water or not.  We always wear our personal floatation devices (PFD’s) when we are on the water. If you find yourself in the water it will be key to stay calm and let your PFD float you while you work your way back to the boat.

What are my chances of falling out and what happens if I do fall out?
Believe it or not, many people love falling out of the boat, it's exciting, but it can be disorienting and a little overwhelming at first. Many people have taken multiple trips and have never fallen in, some people swim on their first trip; it's simply a part of rafting. On most of our floats the rapids are far enough apart that we often suggest taking a voluntary swim.
Before you go on any trip, you'll be given extensive instructions on what to do if you fall in, and how to stay safe. Follow you're guide's instructions and your "swim" could be the most exciting part of your trip!

How strenuous is Whitewater rafting?
The amount of activity required depends on the river and the type of paddling/rowing we will be doing.  Paddle rafts require the most activity but it is still not overly strenuous for most active adults.  We may also take a stern mounted raft where the guide will do a lot of the rowing and the crew (you) will be paddling for extra power through the rapids. Lastly we have center mount rigs where you will be seated in the center of the boat enjoying the water, views and wildlife while your guide rows you down the river.

What about children?
Children are welcome on our trips.  Ages are dependent on the river and conversation prior to the trip.  In most cases children ages 7 and up are able to participate in all of our trips. The upper section of the Spokane River is a great place to start, we often take children and families down this stretch with fantastic feedback.  In regards to Kayak instruction please contact us with your questions.

Am I going to get wet, and how should I dress?
It would not be a whitewater rafting trip without rapids kicking up water all over us making for lots of smiles (also we cannot forget to mention the squirt guns for raft against raft water fights). We have a recommended list that we provide for each trip.  During summer it is safe to assume that we will be enjoying nice weather but the water is still cold, so we try to avoid anything cotton as it will continue to cool us while it dries.  

What do I do with my camera?
Waterproof cameras are more than welcome; we suggest leaving expensive non waterproof cameras home or you may keep it in a dry bag on the boat and be diligent about when you use it.  Remember we are traveling in a boat down a river there is always the off chance of losing the camera if you bring it.

Is there any fishing on Whitewater rafting trips?
Yes, we can accommodate fishing especially on the Salmon River trips.  Contact us if you are interested in fishing specific trips.

What is a good trip for a first timer?
All of our trips will accommodate first timers quite easily.  They are exciting floats for all ability levels.  Most of our northwest rivers are pool and drop meaning that after each rapid there are long calm stretches of water to regroup and laugh about the previous rapid.

How do I get back to my car?
It is our responsibility to provide a shuttle; we have a bus that we typically meet you with at the end of the section we are floating.  We pick you up there and drive up to the put in with all of you, that way you are at your car with your change of clothes or whatever you brought right after we get off the river.

When is the best time to go on a Whitewater Raft trip?
Best time to go rafting is dependant on your expectations, river levels change throughout the season with high water usually being in May and June.  We do not run the Salmon during its high water run off, so its best to schedule these trips for July, August and September.  The Spokane River is dam controlled and can be run most of the summer although some sections get too low.  In a nut shell we recommend rafting anytime May through September, if you want high water come earlier, warm weather then mid summer will best suit you.

Will we go Whitewater Rafting even if it rains?
The answer in most cases is; Yes! As long as cold and high winds do not become a major factor. Thunderstorms are short lived and offer a wonderful perspective on nature. Sun streaming through clouds is a part of the outdoor experience. You are going to get splashed anyway so enjoy the added ambience and beauty weather can bring. Save extra film for that rainbow. It just may be the most memorable Whitewater raft trip of your life.

How do the Multi-Day Trips work?
We typically meet you in Spokane if that is convenient for you and drive down together in the bus; we go to the put in for the lower Salmon, Hammer Creek or Pine Bar, where you will meet your guides who are there with the gear. From there you enjoy a fully catered trip down the river using the boats as our only transportation until we arrive at the Snake River where the bus will be waiting to drive us back to Spokane. For more information take a look at our general Salmon itinerary on our
Salmon River page or call and talk with us directly.

How do I become a guide?
We typically hire our guides through our guide training program, which is designed for people have little to no experience with whitewater rafting or kayaking. Of course if you have experience you are welcome to join the training as well; we are confident in our training program and after several days on the Spokane and Salmon Rivers many of our students are ready to either be hired by us or by other guiding companies in the Northwest. Contact us to find out dates (usually in March or April each spring). play@flow-adventures.com

Should I tip my Guide?

Guests often ask if gratuities are appropriate for guides. If you thoroughly enjoyed your trip and feel that your guides provided you with a very special experience, gratuities are greatly appreciated. Gratuities are at your discretion, and typically given to the trip leader and later shared between the crew.

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