February 20, 2019  
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Water Level For Our Rivers

We regularly float the Spokane and Salmon Rivers here in the northwest.  One amazing thing about running rivers is that everytime the water level changes the river changes, so it is like we have a new river to run each time; we never get bored and always encourage our guests to come back and float it again.  The level for these two rivers is typically referred to in cfs (cubic feet per second), this is width x depth x speed. 

The Spokane River ranges from 500 - 800 cfs in the late summer up to 30-40,000 cfs in the late spring.  It is important to remember that big volume does not necessarily mean big scary river.  In some cases the large volume means that the river will be flat and full of water.

The Salmon River ranges from about 3000 cfs in late summer to upwards of 100,000 cfs in the spring.  The Salmon has such a variance because it is not dam controlled; it is actually the longest undammed river in the lower 48. We find float levels from late June through September to be most enjoyable.


Spokane River

Salmon River

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