June 26, 2019  
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Summer Adventures

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Tour Kayaking Instruction

Whitewater Kayaking Instruction

We here at FLOW Adventures do the majority of our playing during summer time.  The rivers and lakes offer us so many possibilities.  FLOW regularly heads out to play with whitewater rafting trips down the Spokane and Salmon Rivers.  The Spokane River is right here in our back yard so we spend at least a few hours every day out on it.  Often we have families and old friends that meet up and want to try something new so we take them down the river in the morning or afternoon, and if we have any free time we head on down to play ourselves.  As the water level changes from May to August it’s like floating a new river everyday. The rapids change, the wildlife comes and goes, and even at low water the fish start swimming along side the boats, making for some fantastic Osprey and Eagle feeding.

Summer time offers to us all the lakes in the area as well. Lakes are great place for us to teach kayaking at a pace that suits most beginners.  Whitewater kayaking offers a great challenge for outdoor enthusiasts and early on can be best facilitated on the lake, where we don’t have to worry about the current.  Touring kayaking is often enjoyed by all who try it; we like to tour in many of the local lakes and offer courses to familiarize you with equipment and competencies so that you can start doing some exploring on your own.

Water sports are a great way to facilitate an activity that can be new to an entire group of people. Most people do not have access to the equipment and skill sets necessary to go play on the rivers and lakes, making this a great environment to put everyone on the same playing field.  There is never a shortage of new and fond memories with FLOW Adventures, so come out and give the water some of your attention.


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