June 26, 2019  
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Snowshoe Day Hikes

Come snowshoeing with FLOW Adventures for an afternoon this winter.  We will be exploring a couple of areas near Spokane during the upcoming winter. FLOW will provide guides, snowshoes and some warm drinks.  The hikes will be a few hours round trip and will be full of fun, laughter and beautiful views.

Cost is $65.00 + tax

Snow shoes are a great way to explore during winter.  They are easy to operate and are fun for anyone; snowshoes also offer a good workout depending on how hard you want to push.  Many people think of snowshoeing as a sport or an activity that not everyone can do, well FLOW would like you to join us so that you can see how much fun they are for yourself.

You may bring your own snowshoes or we can provide them for you.  This is a fun way to get out into the snow and exercise without even knowing it.  We often see people kinda start out cautious and conservative then pretty soon we are all out climbing hills and mounds (just to see if we can do it) and jumping off of snow piles and having good ol' fashion fun.

Snowshoes give us access to areas that we would not be able to get to without them.  Snow makes everything look so clean and the forests are nearly silent.  We will explore some areas on the back side of Mt Spokane and potentially some other local hot spots here in the inland northwest.

Check our calendar for dates that will work for you and if you do not see anything give us a call and we may be able to set something up.

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