June 26, 2019  
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WinterEvening Snowshoe Hike  

Evening Snowshoe and Dinner

FLOW Adventures would like to invite you on some amazing evening snowshoe hikes this winter.  We will be hiking up to catch the sunset and then back down using moonlight and/or headlamps.  A hot dutch oven dinner and some warm drinks will be waiting for you along the way or back at the bottom.  These hikes usually take a couple of hours and are followed by a great western styled dinner accompanied by laughter amongst our new friends.

Cost is $95.00 + tax

FLOW will provide guides, snowshoes and dinner

The air is clean, cold and crisp as we talk and hike up the hill to catch the last of the sunset off Mt. Spokane's southwest side.  Winter is such a beautiful time of year and many of us miss out on the best parts because we work the short days in our offices or we fear the cold or hide from the biting wind. 

This is your opportunity to let us cook for you and take you on a nice evening hike.  We will try to catch the end of the sunset and spend a bit hiking around in the dusk/dark of the late evening.  Snow provides a tremendous amount of light through reflection so if we time a couple of these hikes with gibbous or full moons and get some clearing then we will have great light; otherwise we will use the dull light and some flashlights, lanterns and headlights for our adventure back down to dinner.

These evening treks are for anyone that can walk and want to try walking on snow.  We will provide the snowshoes and dinner.  This is a great opportunity to get out and see the winter from a different perspective and challenge your perception of it.  Mt. Spokane is such an amazing park and we should all take advantage of it!

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