June 26, 2019  
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WinterWinter Survival/Emergency  

Winter Emergency Training


 FLOW Adventures will be offering two day overnight skills training courses for the upcoming 2018/2019 winter.  The site will be in the inland northwest and determined by weather, snow and access as each course approaches.

We will provide:

  • pre-course equipment list to help you prepare your gear for the field.
  • a list of reccomended reading material
  • Instructors that are highly trained in the winter environment
  • Food, cooksets, fuel and stoves
  • waterproof maps of the area we are using
  • snowshoes


  • Pre-trip preparation including gear choice for day trips and multiday trips
  • traveling in potentially dangerous terrain
  • avoiding unstable slopes
  • shelter building
  • tips for sleeping warm
  • topographic map reading
  • nutrition and hydration for winter environment
  • equipment choices, layering systems and packing a pack

Cost of Class $295.00 + tax

If you do not have all of the needed equipment for the course you may rent from Mountain Gear, REI, Eastern Washington University (EPIC Adventures), and North Idaho College.

Any time we play in the winter we run the risk of being caught out in the cold unexpectedly; most of us have our own stories or know of someone that has been stuck out in the cold.  It does not have to be a terrifying experience if you are prepared and confident in your skills.


This is a great picture of a quick moving winter storm from January of 2010. Our visibility went to almost zero for about 24 hours.

This is a course for avid winter enthusiasts.  FLOW Adventures has been training various agencies and people in the harshest of winter environments for several years and we would like to offer a shortened and condensed opportunity for local recreationist. 


It only takes a few minutes for our tracks to get covered up with some wind. Six of us hiked through this area about 6 hours earlier than the photo was taken.

This will be a thorough and comprehensive class that provides answers to the questions that begin with "WHAT IF" when your out playing in the winter.  Many of us enjoy recreating here in the inland northwest year round and that means enduring some of the coldest, most snowy conditions in the US.  We would like to help you prepare for that unexpected moment that can leave any of us feeling helpless in the backcountry.

Please contact FLOW Adventures with any questions your have about any of our offerings.

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